This is a power imbalance, pure and simple. And frankly – we didn’t sign-up for it.


Streaming has become a monster – a global monopoly cannibalising all other recorded music revenues and reliant entirely on exploiting the content of creatives as a business model. It boasted of killing the pirates... and then took the throne of the Pirate King. It is ‘uber for music’. All convenience - no conscience. Very much not a sharing economy.

While the net worth of the CEOs of global streaming services can reach into the billions, many recording artists in a time of COVID are struggling to survive.

Just like our current global economy – the one percent grow ever wealthier, while the 99% eke out an existence on the crumbs.

We are the 99%. The independent creators of recorded music content who exist outside of big labels and their marketing money. The invisible creative collective.

No more. We are rising and organising. We’re fighting for independent artists to be heard above the noise of the crowded global marketplace. We’re taking back our right to earn money from our creative work.

Never in history has there been a time that demonstrated more starkly the need for recorded music to provide our artists with a sustainable income stream not dependent on dwindling live performance pay.

But this time of crisis has shown us two things – how important music is to people when they need it, and how well they’ve been trained not to place a financial value on it. With recorded music our only potential income stream, it is vital that streaming be redesigned to create viability and sustainability in the independent music industry – not just more exploitation and virtual piracy.

The Pack Australia believes that, with advocacy, action and a fierce commitment to independence, localisation and equity – musicians can take back what’s rightfully theirs, and give music back to the people.


65% of Australian musicians and music industry workers suffer depression or anxiety.

25% of musicians and over 50% of industry workers have attempted or considered suicide.

Digital music spend will reach $959 million in 2022. However, these statistics largely reflect spending on international artists, sending royalties offshore.

While global streaming promised to be an accessible distribution channel with almost unlimited global reach, the average song play nets an artist less than 0.005 cents. One million streams generates between $700 and $7000. 

The average unsigned Australian musician earns less than $10,000 a year from their arts practice. Streaming has rendered physical product and digital downloads obsolete, decimating key recording revenue streams.


Once music is uploaded to a crowded global marketplace and is instantly and cheaply accessible, it is difficult for musicians to convince consumers to access their music through more financially viable platforms, affecting their visibility and their sustainability. 

You'll have already guessed that we have a lot to say about the state of music streaming and the impact it is having on our local, independent recording artists.

While we've tried not to put everything on the website... we have done the research - and if you're brave enough to want to dive deep into the underbelly of this industry and truly understand why we're doing what we're doing... our White Paper is for you. 

Warning: It's not light reading... you're likely to come away angry, and hopefully inspired.

Prefer fewer words and more pictures? We totally get that!


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