How will we take the music back?


Most other recorded revenue streams have been rendered obsolete by streaming, so we must beat streaming at its own game if we’re going to make our recorded music the viable income stream it needs to be to sustain us.

So, we’re fighting tech with tech, building our own music streaming service – created by musicians, for musicians, and owned by its members.


Instead of revenues going to the big 4 labels, shareholders and CEOs – our revenues will go back into our industry - to our musicians, through a democratic, member-owned patronage network - that you can be a part of.

The Pack Australia is underpinned by a simple membership model whereby listeners and businesses subscribe to the streaming service as member patrons, providing the revenue with which artists are paid. Local governments become partner patrons, supporting the service through localised marketing and a per capita tiered financial contribution, in exchange for valuable localised cultural data.

We will bring musicians, businesses, music lovers and government together in a powerful collective built on equity, transparency and mutual benefit. 


We will turn passive music consumers into active local music patrons. Through our streaming platform local creative economies will be built, a powerful advocacy position will be gained, and our music industry will be supported.

We will localise and democratise - we are your Pack, and we have your back.


The Pack will demonstrate that new technologies can encourage resilience by generating sustainable revenue and local exposure for musicians and don’t have to add new layers of inequity to an already imbalanced music economy.

It's not streaming that's broken - it's the 'profit is king' business model that drives its owners and investors. Our project is designed as a social enterprise, that will help artists reclaim the value of their own creative content - to truly own it, and the distribution system on which people engage with it. 

We know our music is important, but unless we start to value it and fight for it, no-one else ever will.

This is the revolution we start from our screens, the war we wage with our wallets. The only way we can truly show what we value is by changing our habits as consumers, and becoming conscious of the impact our streaming choices have on independent music creators.


These are the writers of the soundtrack of our lives. Let's use our purchasing power to keep them creating the music we love, for generations to come.

Wherever global streaming services build their empires on the backs of the cultural labour of exploited artists - The Pack Australia will be there to give voice to those artists. 

The Pack leaves no-one behind.


Become part of The Pack army. Pledge your allegiance as a content creator, supporter, patron, music lover, or ambassador.

You can support The Pack Australia by becoming part of our early adopters program. Your pledge will demonstrate to funding bodies, investors and sponsors that not only does The Pack have a strong, vocal community behind it, but that they are willing to 'put their money where their mouths are' and pledge allegiance to The Pack, and to the music community for which it stands.

You’ll find our projected membership fees below (spoiler - they're cheaper than Spotify - and profits go directly back into the local, original music community).

There are 3 ways to pledge to The Pack as an early adopter. You can pledge your original, unsigned recorded music; you can pledge to make The Pack Australia your music streaming service of choice for your business; or you can choose to become a local music lover member.


You can register your pledge here (and if you want to, you can pledge more than one membership type).




BUSINESS Monthly / Yearly - LEARN MORE


You can support The Pack Australia to build a member owned, patron-powered streaming service designed to ensure that every time our Australian Independent artists get played, they get paid. 

We want our music lovers to be able to access music from their 'hood, made by their Pack. Your monthly support will help us to make this happen.

Through our Patreon page, you can become a valued Pack Australia patron, helping us build our talented Australian musicians a real home, a place to create sustainable income from their recorded music, not dependent on the uncertainty of live performance.

You can be part of The Pack that has the music industry's back.

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