The Pack Foundation

The Pack Australia exists to find innovative ways to grow and develop our musicians by monetising their music and in doing so to generate profits to pour into creating opportunities for artists to make new work. That is our reason for being.


Supporting our Female musicians

We're interested in supporting gender parity in the Australian music industry - where currently only 30% of songwriters / composers and working musicians are female. The Pack Foundation will put a focus on helping emerging female artists to realise their recording dreams. We think our women have something to say - and in a male dominated industry, we're a pair of female tech founders hell bent on busting out of the boundaries and blazing a trail.


Supporting our aboriginal musicians

We want to ensure that our First Australian musicians can tell their tales and sing their songs for all the years to come, so The Pack Foundation will place an emphasis on supporting Aboriginal artists to record their music and stories in traditional language and interpretations. We will build our Foundation on the premise that music is for all Australians, and we'll work towards making it equitable and accessible for everyone - not just the few who can afford to record it.


Being musically agnostic and egalitarian

The Pack Foundation will support the development of all genres of music - as long as it's original. We want to see the creativity of the Australian music industry cut through the noise of streaming services and show the world the talent that resides in this country - traversing classical, country, rock, rap, electronic music and everything in between - if you're creating, we want you to be able to look forward to finding a place for your music.