Prefer fewer words and more pictures? We totally get that!

Click the links to visit our early stage visual prototype interactive wireframes, so you can visualise your user journey as a Pack member – whichever type of member you might be!

The Pack for the Local Music Lover Community (mobile app).

The Pack for Musicians and Businesses (web app).

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Web Platform Features

The website will have the following basic features:

  • It will provide distinct functionality to three user types – musicians (creators / members); businesses (members); individual users (members).

  • Enable musicians to semi-automate the upload of recorded music into genre specific playlists for further ‘business specific’ tailoring by the Pack Music Curator.

  • Enable musicians to subscribe to and build an individual musician / band page.

  • Enable businesses to subscribe to the service and stream great quality local music to their premises, relevant to their business size, type, clientele, sector or space.  

  • Enable business members to create a profile so they can communicate music preferences with the Pack Music Curator.

  • Enable individual listeners to create a profile so they can communicate music preferences with the Pack Music Curator and business members.

  • Enable individual members to access curated playlists and / or the entire local, original music library via a monthly subscription.

  • Allow for the ability to capture and communicate clear data to facilitate accurate streaming payment distribution to musicians.

Mobile App Features

The mobile app will have the following basic features:

  • Downloaded to a PC, Mac, or Mobile device.

  • Enables listeners to ‘check in’ at any Pack business location via geo-location and geo-fencing technology.

  • Enables listeners to view what music is playing at a location.

  • Enables listeners to interact with businesses and rate and suggest music.

  • Enables listeners to influence what music is playing at a location over time via AI Curation technology (support the creation of client based experiences for businesses).

  • Enables listeners to access the ‘jukebox’ feature, and donate directly to artists and businesses and influence playlists.

  • Enables listeners to buy music directly from musician pages (if subscribed).

  • Enables (accepted) push notifications from artists with band / artist pages to listeners to update them on live performances and new recorded music launches.