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Tim Hollo - FourPlay

The Pack is a clever and smooth response to the huge disruption to the local music scene caused by the new music monopolies. We need this kind of project if a diverse Australian music scene is to survive and flourish.

Mitchell Withers - Antelope / Pixifoto

As for the Pack concept: The idea of connecting local businesses to the local arts scene makes complete and utter sense. Not only does it make sense socially and culturally, but very few musicians make enough to get by. I think the idea is ingenious in tastefully monetising music in a non exploitative, mutually beneficial way. 

Jayne Bryant - Musician

As a musician, I am delighted by the possibilities that The Pack Australia could deliver for the sustainability of local original music, and cultural ecosystem. I highly recommend the idea, business, and people behind it.

Yugon Chobanoff - The Vibrolators

Mel and Harry are both highly respected personalities in the local and national music industry. They are tirelessly devoted to supporting original music and stem from years of experience in the discipline. My own experience in working with them has been enriching and rewarding, and I firmly believe whatever task they set their minds to will enjoy great success. The Pack Australia is a clear winner with Mel and Harry at the helm!

Rob Weymouth - Consultant / Researcher

Mel Bainbridge? Harry Deluxe? Fergeddaboutit! You can't get better talent or passion. What else would you add? Nothing... except maybe velociraptors... with power armour... and in stealth fighters.

Danelle Cross - Curtin Ignition / Curtin Business School

Mel Bainbridge and The Pack team are professional, dedicated and passionate entrepreneurs who are solving a real problem within the music industry. Mel recently was a scholarship recipient and excellent contributor at the Curtin Ignition Program and I wish her and her team all the success.

Tom Dawkins Associate: Communications Strategy at The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

Mel is a force of nature who knows how to get things done. She's passionate, determined, professional and creative, and I can't see her not succeeding in making a positive impact on the music industry.

Mitch Lawrence - Musician / Artist

After listening to the pitch for The Pack, I couldn't help but think that this was going to change the very mind set of both consumers and creators and how music is both created and distributed in Australia. I can only imagine that with it in full swing that musicians performing and creating locally would then feel more confident and eager to get their music out there and available. This concept is something that will benefit not only artists but communities all over the country.

Juan Vazquez Founder at OSHpitality

I've been involved in startup and entrepreneurship for a while and the idea of the Pack Australia seems very attractive to me. The people behind the concept are intelligent, driven and excited about supporting local musicians and I think they'll make a difference in the industry.

Luke Dornan - Arts Advocate

This is such a fantastic idea, run by intelligent, principled and driven people. Bringing funding back to musicians and artists, and control to venues, plus the strong emphasis on new and local artists is ahead of the zeitgeist. Exceptional!

Gregory Brenton - Musician

I have a lot of faith in Mel and Harry to accomplish what they have set out to do here. My experience over many years of working with Mel and Harry, has taught me that they do genuinely care about the wellbeing of other people, especially those who are involved in the arts. I feel certain that this concern for others is the heart and soul of The Pack. Mel and Harry are also a well organised, creative, resilient and knowledgable team.

As an original musician, I am constantly working to monetise what I do in order to sustain a reasonable output. I need to pay for the services of the people who help me record, back me up when performing, help with promotion and on and on. The Pack would certainly assist with this, but even more importantly it would create further exposure for what we as creative artists do. The Pack would encourage local businesses to engage with their arts community in a very responsible and mutually beneficial way. The potential here is very exciting!

Claire Stokes Board Director at Arts Initiative Australia

Having worked with Mel and Harry previously and followed the journey of The Pack from the start, I cannot recommend this project and its founders enough. Mel and Harry are incredibly committed to this project, working extremely hard to ensure a bright and sustainable future for music in Australia.

The business model and product is grounded in deep research, consultation, and co-design with relevant stakeholders. The founders are intelligent, hard-working, professional, creative, and passionate people with many years of experience in music and the arts, as well as managing projects and teams. I am extremely excited to see this project come to fruition and enter the market, making a huge positive impact on music and musicians everywhere.

Tom Allum Lecturer at West Coast Institute

In my opinion, paid streaming services like Spotify have helped retrain consumers to pay for the music they listen to. The only problem with the platform is that music makers are not getting paid enough (if at all). This combined with the globalised model for streaming services means that there is lots of 'noise' in the system. It is very difficult for local musicians to connect with new listeners when they have to compete with large internationals.

The Pack's platform would empower music makers, businesses and listeners to direct their energy locally. If the musician finds listeners and payment, they win. Businesses are able to choose who their streaming royalties are paid to (and they can have some good marketing in the process)... and the listeners will be able to discover/experience new local music.

Mel and Harry are extremely dedicated to whatever they put their mind(s) to so I have no hesitations in recommending them for the project.

Paul Gioia - Musician

Both Mel and Harry are wonderful human beings, which in my view is as important as the broad skills they bring to this venture. Having been in the public eye for some time, they have experience, respect from the industry, and deep passion for creating a better environment for musicians and ultimately for listeners. Support these people and this initiative - the world will be a better place. Which we need right now.

Justin Sideris - Communications / Design Consultant

I know that Harry and Mel are both consummate professionals, highly determined, and extremely capable. They are intimately familiar with the arts, its flaws, and are more than qualified to deliver on solutions. They are also some of the most passionate, genuine and lovely people I have ever met.