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We’re streaming…

with a social conscience

The Pack understands that music streaming is here to stay – so instead of swimming against the tide, we’re using streaming technology, but building a very different business model from the current players in the market.

We’re creating a ‘community’ model, where our artists are our valued content creators, our users and our beneficiaries – not just a tradable commodity or economic product.

Rather than becoming a model that mirrors the major global streaming services, The Pack more closely resembles Patreon, as its purpose is to provide community and business members a means to directly support their local music community through monthly subscription-based funding, becoming local arts patrons.

The Pack Australia is, for that reason, deliberately discriminatory. The Pack will only work with local, original artists – to provide them with a launchpad from which to kick off their careers.

While we love our successful, signed Australian artists, we know that once an artist is signed to a major label, they are already well-placed to access the distribution and marketing channels they need to find performance opportunities, tours and to generate music sales. In short – if you’re famous, you don’t need us!

We want to re-democratise the system, re-localise our music community and make sure that our artists get the recognition (and the revenue) they deserve. We don’t intend to be a global giant, but we do want to be a local hero.

With no major labels or licences to hold The Pack to ransom, and no ‘free services’ to support, The Pack will use its revenues to create multiple income possibilities for recording artists through online sales, personalised gig notifications, and fair streaming royalty allocations - so that every artist who gets played, gets paid. We will also use our revenues to redress existing accessibility barriers for marginalised musicians (female, Aboriginal and multicultural) via a philanthropic, cultural organisation to be developed as we grow.

The Pack Australia will collaborate, connect and collect – putting money into the Australian arts ecology to fuel future creativity, supporting the health of our artists, and creating positive brand recognition for participating businesses and venues.

We don’t just give you music – we give you the music that is made in your ‘hood, by your pack!