Our mission 



We are The Pack Australia. And you are too.

We’re a community dedicated to creating a web based streaming platform and app which facilitates  direct connection between local, original musicians; any Australian business that plays recorded music on their premises; and any Australian who loves supporting local, original music.

We will create a better way to track and analyse 'real time' airplay data for artists, and get money in their pockets without having to share space with imported playlists and illegally streamed music. 

Unlike other streaming platforms – we’re creating a ‘community’ model, where our artists are both our suppliers and our  beneficiaries. 

Instead of laughably low streaming fees, we will manage a transparent “pool”, where 50% of all profits go directly to artists on the basis of their play data. This figure will remain the same no matter how big The Pack gets.

We will foster direct interactions between The Pack, individual listeners and local businesses to create incentives and benefits for all parties - a true circular, local economy.

We're moving away from impersonal, automated, globalised systems, and towards positive and mutually beneficial local connections and partnerships.

Unlike other music streaming services, we are a cultural, social enterprise whose main aim is to improve the lives and revenue opportunities of our home grown, original songwriters, composers and musicians.

The Pack Australia will collaborateconnect and collect – putting money into the Australian arts ecology to enable future creativity, generating direct royalties and revenue for artists, and creating positive brand recognition for participating businesses and venues.

When we see royalties from recorded music going directly into the pockets of our local, original artists - we will know we have succeeded in our mission.

When we see local businesses supporting the 'buy local (music)' ethos - we will know we have succeeded in our mission.

When we see passionate Australians jumping on our platform and supporting local, original music - and interacting and engaging directly with local artists and businesses via The Pack - we will know we have succeeded in our mission.

We want to reach our first 5000 businesses and 16000+ individual customers in our first operating year - and reach 75000+ within three. From there - the sky's the limit.

We're calling on our supporters to help us disrupt the music industry disruptors, because they have inadvertently created a system which disables and disadvantages our community - the talented, worthy and hard-working unsigned musicians of Australia.

You can help us to make sure that local, original artists are being paid fairly and directly for their music - this will be the measure by which we define our success.

Harry Deluxe & Melanie Bainbridge  Co-Founders

Harry Deluxe & Melanie Bainbridge