The first Howl from The Pack Australia


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Welcome friends - to The Pack Australia.

This is our very first Howl - but we'll be keeping you in touch with The Pack Australia and all of the exciting things happening every couple of weeks or so from this here lil ol' blog. This one's just a bit of an intro to us, and why we're staying up nights, over and above our 'workaday jobs' to create something game-changing for our music industry, but they'll get way more exciting from here... we promise.

Do you love great Australian music? You do right? We all do. Australian music is in the blood of every Australian, from the First Nations people, to our newest arrivals. It gets under your skin. It makes you proud to be a wanderer in this 'wide brown land'. It has a distinct sound all of its own. It's real. It's ours.

But how many of us actively seek to support our local, original Australian musicians?

How many of us seek out local, original recorded music and buy it to support our industry. Sure - if we hear something we like when we're out and about, we might Shazam it, and maybe stick it in a Spotify playlist, but do we actively consider what the act of actually buying or licencing that music might mean to an emerging original artist? Or to the original music ecology as a whole?

Every day I hear great, new Australian music. I personally know hundreds of Perth based and Australian musicians who have contributed to the beauty and diversity of the Australian music canon - across many genres - classical and jazz, pop and hip-hop, blues and country and everything in between. I'm sure you do too. Sadly though, so many of these incredible artists can barely make back the cost of recording their albums - let alone live on the sales of their recorded music.

But what if they could? What if there was a way that the Australian people could monetise every play of recorded local, original music? What if you could use your influence to ensure that your favourite artists could make enough money out of their music to produce more amazing music? To record another album. To tour. To market themselves. What might that mean for a musician you admire, and for the original music scene at large? What if they could actually dedicate their time to their art, rather than 'fitting it in' around their day jobs? What if there was a way that you, personally, could contribute to the strength of the Australian music ecology, now and into the future? Would you opt in to support our local artists?

In an era where we're starting to talk about 'buying local' for everything from our groceries and cleaning products to our clothing - shouldn't the same consideration apply to our music?

A new era of music streaming is coming - one that moves away from the impersonal 'populist natural selection' of freemium streaming services, and towards a more intimate, curated space, that deliberately discriminates, and puts our own local, original music first.

The Pack Australia is that service. We're currently working on a prototype to provide a streaming service which allows every Aussie business to stream local, original music - made in their 'hood, by their Pack.

We're also working on unique ways to capture the data from the service, to ensure that more money from the streaming of this music goes directly into our local musician's pockets - and is not simply dispersed into the wider 'music licencing pool', which is littered with imported music and the losses hidden in illegally streamed playlists.

It is our dream to have a healthy music ecology, so that our incredible, talented musicians and songwriters can earn enough money from their music to afford the time to continue creating and producing the sounds that Australia has come to love.

It is also our dream to remind people how important our music and arts industries are to our culture and heritage, and to our place in the global creative space. We know that we're a unique and amazing Nation of artists, creatives and innovators - and working together, we can make sure the rest of the world know it too.

But we need your help. We need our industry to lift its collective voice and howl for a better deal. We need musicians, arts advocates, industry bodies, writers, creatives, bloggers, journalists and our music loving community right behind us. YOU can make this happen. The more support we have, the more likely we are to receive the investment we need to make this dream a reality - for you. So this is our first call out to our original musicians to get behind this initiative... and to tell all your friends.

Please share this blog as far and wide as you can. Call upon your networks to share it as well. With everyone. Everywhere. Engage with our website. Complete the surveys. Watch for the crowdfunding campaign.

We're planning a beta / test launch of the platform in early 2018, with a goal of going live with the platform in WA in mid 2018... but we're a long way from launch stage yet. We want you involved - our first family - our Pack.