Babes in Start-up Land

Spinning in a space now cluttered with jargon – lean start-up, pivot, scalability, mission drift, rapid growth, exit strategy – I’m a new social entrepreneur who wants desperately to be part of the conversation, but I’m finding myself a soft, round peg trying to squish myself into a hard, square hole.

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Death by Digi - Digital music and the unfamous artist.

In our dim, dark past it was said that video killed the radio star, but in the digital age it’s horribly unclear who exactly has killed whom. That said, it’s pretty clear that something is rotten in the state of local, original music.

Here's the state of play from the perspective of an unsigned, un-famous songwriter and recording artist.

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On Failing Like A Phoenix

It seems to be a common theme for entrepreneurs, that people assume we wake up one day with business in our blood.

I can tell you now; it’s simply not the case. In fact, I want to tell you a story of how close to bankrupt this erstwhile entrepreneur has been, and how close to losing everything she came, before I tell you about the place she's at now.

I call this story Failing like a Phoenix (mostly because ‘a potted history of falling on my face’ or ‘what to do when you’ve screwed it all up royally’ just didn’t sound as sexy).

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The first Howl from The Pack Australia

Do you love great Australian music? You do right? We all do. Australian music is in the blood of every Australian, from the First Nations people, to our newest arrivals. It gets under your skin. It makes you proud to be a wanderer in this 'wide brown land'. It has a distinct sound all of its own. It's real. It's ours.

But how many of us actively seek to support our local, original Australian musicians?

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