Make Your Pledge!

Thank you for supporting The Pack Australia and being part of our early adopters program. Your pledge will demonstrate to funding bodies, investors and sponsors that not only does The Pack have a strong, vocal community behind it, but that they are willing to 'put their money where their mouths are' and pledge allegiance to The Pack, and to the music community for which it stands, by signing up for a Pack membership from launch.

Below are our projected membership fees (spoiler - they're cheaper than Spotify - and profits go directly back into the local, original music community through both pooled per play payments and a not-for-profit Foundation).

While we're not expecting any kind of payment until after launch in 2020 - we know you'll want to know what you're committing to in making this pledge.

We also know that you'll want to be assured that your personal information is safe. It is. At no stage will we share your personal contact information with any third party, and we will only use your email to contact you about The Pack Australia or opt you in to our quarterly newsletter.

There are 3 ways that you can pledge to The Pack today!

  1. You can pledge your original, unsigned recorded music.

  2. You can pledge to make The Pack Australia your music streaming service of choice for your business.

  3. You can choose to become a local music lover member;

…and all you need to do to add your name to our awesome community of supporters is choose A, B or C in this form!

But don’t worry – if you’re a muso, who owns a business, and is a music lover… you can pledge to all three!

Your pledges will be considered ‘pre-sales’ by investors, to show community validation of the project. Of course – there’s always a ‘get out of gaol’ clause – so we are not asking any money from you up-front, and you will only be contacted again about your membership when we’re ready to launch The Pack for you to ‘user test’ (our MVP). You’ll always be given the option to opt out.

The Pack Australia - Evergreen Image 00006.png

Musicians- $40 Per Year

Our awesome content creators, our musicians, will get FREE Music Uploads! Forever! That means whether you have one song on The Pack Australia, or 100 songs, you will never pay a thing to upload your music to our system. You will also never have to pay a third party distributor to manage your music on The Pack.

If you would like a Band Page, which doubles as an online EPK and digital download store, you can pay just $40 per year and direct your Pack listeners straight to your music, your gigs and your merch.

The Pack Australia - Evergreen Image 00002 (2).png

Individual Music Lovers - $100 per year

As an individual music lover you’ll pay just $100 per year or $8.33 per month to listen to all the local, original, unsigned music you can possibly handle. You’ll discover new local acts, interact with your favourite local bands, and best of all, you’ll be directly contributing to the health of the Australian original music community, now and into the future.

For less than a couple of coffees per month (and less than your Spotify membership), you’ll become a patron of local arts.

The Pack Australia - Evergreen Image 00008.png

Business Local Music Ambassador - $300 Per Year

As a local business wanting to support your local music community, you’ll pay just $300 per year or $25 per month to access music created by local musicians and playlists curated just for you, by your own clientele!

By ensuring that in your business the community will hear local artists, you’ll be helping those artists make money and connections where they live, work and play.

Your playlists will evolve with customer check-ins and interactions, enhancing attraction and retention potential, and enabling you to craft your in-store experience around real customer preferences.

Your business will also attract new customers with the promise of localised rewards for interacting with local music creators and you will be able to promote yourself as a local arts advocate, building brand trust and local reputation.