Why it Matters

We came up with the idea for The Pack Australia as we were trying to work out whether the major streaming platforms were going to work for us as an avenue to monetise our music. Like every musician, we were trying to find that elusive paycheck from our music, and discovering our options as recording artists pretty limited. The 'streaming' of music was sold to us as an amazing way for independent recording artists to engage directly with an almost unlimited, global audience. What we realised is it has not created an even playing field for musicians.


  1. Famous artists have major labels and marketing giants behind them... but local, unsigned artists... not so much...
  2. Free streaming sites allow listeners access to our music without needing to invest in it in any way.
  3. The average song play on global streaming platforms nets an artist about 0.005 cents which means to make back the cost of a coffee in Perth, you have to get your song played 1000 times. And that's if listeners can find you.
  4. Streaming has also stripped away the few revenue streams that independent artists like us have been able to monetise in the past - the selling of physical product at gigs has traditionally been one of our few real sources of revenue.
  5. Fewer and fewer music listeners want their music tangibly. Many people under 25 have never personally purchased a CD.
  6. Digital downloads were a thing for a while, but now few people even want to buy a song - they'd rather just stream it on a low cost or free streaming service.

We came to understand that the market had moved, and local musicians like us were going to find it increasingly difficult to sell our recorded music.

Our local musicians are our suppliers - the artists, songwriters and creatives who create, produce and record great original music for the Australian public. You will provide our music, and we will curate that music into space appropriate playlists and distribute them to our willing business partners. 

But more importantly, our musicians will be the primary beneficiaries of The Pack Australia - we're working for you, and for our industry - because we believe in it.

How will the Pack Help?

While many of our awesome cafes, venues, businesses and retailers have a 'buy local' ethic for their food and produce, this doesn't seem to extend to their music choices. Most businesses stream playlists (many illegally) which tend to consist largely, if not entirely, of imported music.

We aim to reverse this trend by building a streaming service that localises what other major streaming services have globalised.

We will do this by creating a streaming service that develops sector or industry specific, curated playlists entirely from local, original artists - creating multiple income possibilities for recording artists through online sales, licensing fees, and direct royalty allocation - which The Pack will guarantee by collecting and communicating real-time play data to licensing bodies to ensure that every artist who gets played gets paid.

We will create opportunities for The Pack listener members to influence playlists algorithmically by interacting with member businesses via a location based check-in system, ensuring that the business's individual playlist is always tailored to its clientele, and providing direct customer data to businesses - good for clients, good for musicians, and good for business!

Sign Up

If you're a local, original musician (from anywhere in Australia), you can sign up to be an early adopter for The Pack Australia.

In doing so, you'll be part of our 'first family' - and be able to access The Pack entirely for free for the first year! For musicians however - we'll be keeping costs super low - forever... with just a tiny, per song upload fee to offset our site maintenance costs in the future - so you can be assured, that even as our family grows, you will always be looked after! 

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