Why it Matters

Musicians are some of the best qualified, but most poorly paid, workers in Australia. The average earnings of a working, unsigned Australian musician is around $7500 per year. That's not a living wage.

Recording and marketing music costs significant money, which local, original bands seldom make back through gigs or album sales, so most musicians have a 'day job' to make ends meet. This doesn't leave them much time to be creatively productive. It's worth considering the long term impacts that this situation will have on the Australian music industry if left unchallenged.

If most unsigned musicians are barely earning enough money to cover the cost of recording an album (most professional studio recordings will set an artist back between $5,000 and $10,000 - in some cases much more), and cannot afford to work solidly on their craft, how then will the Australian music industry survive, thrive, and position Australian music on the global stage into the future?

Bottom line - our local, original artists are creatively starving in an era of apparent musical prosperity.

How can I Change Things?

We know there are a huge number of conscious consumers out there who want to know that where they spend their money has a positive impact from a social, environmental and economic perspective - whether it be on locally grown food, ethical fashion, cruelty free beauty products, Indigenous enterprises, renewable energy, social enterprises or fair trade products. 

We know there are a huge number of good humans out there who regularly give to charities, and make all kinds of philanthropic donations.

We also know that there are a huge number of supportive arts advocates out there who are actively trying to support their local music industry but who are struggling to find meaningful ways to do that.

What if you could be absolutely sure that every time you played a song on The Pack Australia - that an original, Australian, unsigned artist was getting fairly paid, and that real-time data was being collected to make sure that money goes directly into their pocket?

If you get behind The Pack Australia that's exactly what we will build - a streaming service that actually puts money into the pockets of our local, original bands and musicians, investing back into the industry, and enabling our musicians to concentrate on making music, not money.

Join the Pack

So if you're an individual who just loves local, original music - and you're wondering how you can be involved... there are so many ways! If you sign-up now as a community subscriber, you will be part of our 'first family' prototype testing crew - as soon as the platform is up and running... you will be the first humans to give us the 'real deal' on what's working, what's not, what you'd like to see in the platform and how you can best use it as individuals.

Alongside our early adopter musicians and businesses, you will shape the future capabilities of The Pack Australia.

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