Why would I become a Pack member?

In an era where 'buy local' is a common catch-cry for everything from groceries to clothing, The Pack Australia is creating a new way for local businesses to support their local music industry, while receiving a tailored and customer service focused product in return.

The Pack Australia will deliver playlists that are carefully crafted to be space, sector and genre specific - to support businesses attempting to provide a tailored customer experience which increases 'in store' retention, repeat business and ultimately, sales.

We'll also enable your clientele to provide you with data on their preferred music listening choices, allowing you to create playlists that are further tailored to client needs.

We will support our local businesses to promote themselves as local music advocates. When a business is a member of The Pack - everyone will know it - and will know that that business supports our local music industry by playing and profiling local artists.

Our businesses will be The Pack's Alphas - using their power for the good of the Australian music ecology, and the local economy. Seriously - who wouldn't want to be 'that guy'?

How can I support The Pack ?

Any business that plays recorded music in their premises can become a Pack business ambassador. Therefore most businesses with a retail outlet of any kind - from the local hairdresser to the boutique clothing store, can be part of The Pack Australia.

If you sign-up to become an early adopter and commit to purchasing a Pack membership when we go live you will receive, free of charge, your media and marketing pack and a cool 'Pack Alpha' showbag - which will help you to promote yourself as a loyal Pack member and local, original music advocate, and we'll be right behind you, promoting your involvement loudly, widely and well!

NB - anyone from the corner deli to multinational supermarket chains are required to hold a licence to play recorded music in their premises.

Sign Up!

If you're a local business, who would rather support your local, original music industry than see your money go into the pockets of already popular international artists, then we want to hear from you!

Having you jump on board early and support The Pack Australia right from the start, will give us the 'licence to operate' that we need to forge ahead with confidence, knowing that both our music industry and our business community are behind us.

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