Why Do we need The Pack?

Our talented local, original musicians struggle to make money from their recorded music - which affects the whole Australian music and arts ecology.

Currently, popular international artists, with global followings, powerful representation and marketing machines, still, and perhaps always will, receive the lion’s share of streaming royalties, while local, original artists receive little. Read more on this here.

The Pack Australia seeks to counter this by fostering a direct connection between local, original musicians holding an APRA number, and local Australian businesses that hold an APRA licence for recorded music.

We’ll be playing local music, in local businesses and collating the data directly from this system – which will enable a direct data feed into our music licencing services, to ensure that royalties get to artists, fairly and equitably. 

musicians - our suppliers and our beneficiaries

Our local musicians are our suppliers - the artists, songwriters and creatives who create, produce and record great original music for the Australian public. They will provide our music, and we will curate that music into space appropriate playlists and distribute them to our willing business partners. For more on how - check out our 'About' page. 

But more importantly, our musicians are the primary beneficiaries of The Pack Australia - we're working for you, and for our industry - because we believe in it.

As the Pack Australia is a not-for-profit social enterprise, it is our intention to ensure that profits go back into a foundation to support and develop our artists and to use music to give hope and social inclusion to people who are socially marginalized or socio-economically disadvantaged. It will go directly into our arts ecology – and it’s our mission to be the largest, self-funded arts philanthropic body in Australia within 10 years.

Our ultimate aim is to strengthen the music ecology through inclusion and to record and promote new music from Australian artists in all genres and from all cultures. We are particularly focused on developing an Indigenous music catalogue to support our First Australians to retain and conserve their history, language and culture through the arts.

We will provide a tailored service, moving deliberately away from the impersonal plug and play, mass production mentality of other streaming services. We will move towards an industry that fosters localisation over globalisation and gives artists a range of ways - through direct royalty allocation, new market exposure, synchronisation opportunities, publicity and profile - to make money from their music.

Sign up as a Muso

If you're a local, original musician (from anywhere in Australia), you can sign up to be an early adopter for The Pack Australia.

In doing so, you'll be part of our 'first family' - and be able to access The Pack entirely for free for the first year! For musicians however - we'll be keeping costs super low - forever... with just a tiny, per song upload fee to offset our site maintenance costs in the future - so you can be assured, that even as our family grows, you will always be looked after! Click here to sign up.

Take the Survey

You can help us out by supporting our market research. This is a key part of the development of our platform - and your feedback will help us to ensure that the platform meets your needs. Check in to the survey here.