Community Ambassadors

Also hugely important to The Pack are our community subscribers - individuals who subscribe monthly to stream their favourite original Australian music through The Pack Australia - ensuring that the industry can keep growing, and our artists can keeping making wonderful music.

Individual subscribers will be able to tap into our playlists - and will be able to DIY playlists from local content - or mix it up across Australia as new States and Territories come online.

You'll also be able to check in at any The Pack Australia business member and rate their playlists, which will help them to evolve their music to suit their clientele, and you'll be able to buy local, original music direct from artists via their profile pages.

Sign up as a music lover

If you're an individual who just loves local, original music - and you're wondering how you can be involved... there are so many ways! If you sign-up now as a community subscriber, you will be part of our 'first family' prototype testing crew - as soon as the platform is up and running... you will be the first humans to give us the 'real deal' on what's working, what's not, what you'd like to see in the platform and how you can best use it as individuals. Alongside our early adopter musicians and businesses, you will shape the future capabilities of The Pack Australia.

Of course - your feedback won't go unrewarded either. You will receive a subscription to The Pack Australia free of charge for a whole year, so that you can stream the cream of original Australian music, anywhere, anytime! Click here to sign up.

Take the Survey

You can help us out by supporting our market research. This is a key part of the development of our platform - and your feedback will help us to ensure that the platform meets your needs. Check in to the survey here.