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One of the best ways you could possibly support The Pack Australia is to share us with reckless abandon. We know you understand how hard we're working to make this dream for Australian musicians a reality - and the more people who know about it, support it, back it and shout about it - the more likely it is that we'll be able to hit the ground running with our beta launch within the next six months. That's our goal - and you can help us get there!

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To get any great enterprise off the ground - it takes money! We've bootstrapped our way to this point, but now we need to design and develop our prototype web platform, so that musicians, businesses and individual subscribers can be part of The Pack. You can help us to help you!

There are some great rewards for being part of The Pack Australia's 'first family' of early adopters, from subscriptions and a seat on the development panel, to marketing packs, merchandise, music and more! Imagine if 2,000 local original artists donated just $10 each (the price of two Perth coffees) We’ll have smashed our target to get the development of The Pack Australia kicked off and be on target for full lunch by July 2018! Get behind us musos – it’s all about you!

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Show us some love. This is an innovative, courageous female founder led tech project, designed to ensure that our incredibly valuable arts and music ecology doesn't suffer as arts funding is chronically slashed by short-sighted governments in favour of industries that provide far less to our economy, and our social fabric, than the arts.

If you're a journalist, blogger, arts advocacy organisation, podcaster, influencer, writer or social media genius, and you feel you can help us to disrupt the consistent undermining of the arts industry and put money back into the pockets of artists, we would welcome your words. Let's show our governments that not only are we right behind our local musicians... we're The Pack - and we're willing raise our collective voices and put our collective energy into making our music industry flourish.

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