We're like Spotify, with a social conscience.

We are developing a direct arts-to-market web platform and app which will enable businesses to stream curated, all original, all local music playlists for their individual spaces and business types. This will broker a direct, enabling connection between local, original musicians, and any Australian business which holds an APRA licence for recorded music.

Our intention is to enable a better way to track, calculate and analyse 'real time' airplay data for artists, and give more accurate royalty information to our licencing services - without having to share space with imported playlists and illegally streamed music. We're moving away from impersonal, automated systems, and towards positive and mutually beneficial connections and partnerships.

But unlike other music streaming services, we are a not-for-profit, cultural organisation whose main aim is to improve the lives and revenue opportunities of our home grown, original songwriters, composers and musicians.

The Pack Australia will collaborate, connect and collect – putting money into the Australian arts ecology to enable future creativity, generating direct royalties and revenue for artists, and creating positive brand recognition for participating businesses and venues.

We don’t just give you music – we give you the music that is made in your ‘hood, by your pack!

How will we do it?

We're creating a music streaming service which will enable any Australian business licenced to play recorded music on their premises (which includes any retail, hospitality / food and beverage, commercial enterprise or other), to stream local, original music directly to their location.

  • The website will enable a system administrator to manage the service / curate the playlists.
  • The website has distinct three user groups – musicians (suppliers); businesses (users); individual users (subscribers).
  • The website will enable musicians to sign-up as ‘Pack’ members and  directly upload their music to genre specific playlists for further curation and distribution. 
  • The website will enable businesses to sign-up as ‘Pack’ members on a monthly (or annual) subscription and stream playlists relevant to their business size, sector and space.
  • The website will allow individual users to access playlists and / or the local, original music library on a monthly subscription.
  • The website will allow all members to enter any business streaming from ‘The Pack’ to engage directly with the music playing in that space via a ‘check in’ system – which registers their location and musical preferences and allows them to rate music in order to provide data to businesses on appropriate curation for their clientele.

Businesses will stream music from the service using an app. Business members will download the app, sign in using their member details and will therefore be able to connect their device to a music system and stream the space appropriate music to their location.

The app will enable listeners to view the music that is playing in their location (via above check-in system), such as playlists, or to see which song is playing at that moment. They can vote for songs and playlists, visit artist profiles and purchase music directly through various download channels (i.e. Itunes / Amazon / Apple Music etc). 

Our Founders, Advisors & Ambassadors

An ambitious project like this couldn't possibly work without an incredible 'pack' of staff, supporters, partners and ambassadors willing it to succeed - and we have some of the best in the business at our back.

All of our contributors are game changers in their industry, arts advocates and skilled practitioners - this is just a snapshot of the movers and shakers behind The Pack Australia - founders, advisors and ambassadors.

Need more info? Check out our Facebook Page, read our blog or simply drop us a line!